so for my art project we had to fake a death/murder. for mine I did someone who had jumped off a building. when I was laying down while the picture was being taken, 7 people came running up to me asking if I was okay and if I needed an ambulance etc. I’ve been suicidal for a very long time, and the thoughts of jumping off buildings and ending my life have gone through my mind a thousand times. But the fact that people actually stopped and came running over to see if I was alright made me see that people do care, strangers care. so many people looked and walked past, but these 7 people some how took these suicidal feelings away… weird huh? But the moral of this story is that people do care about you, even people who don’t know who you are.

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oh my god this is amazing


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  1. Camera: Camcorder DVR995WHD
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/288th


Lets have a romantic dinner


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keep your drugs safe by putting them in a gyro bowl 


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not a very good instructional guide on farming. would NOT recommend to first time farmers

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Okay no sit down and let modnar tell you a thing-

The prospect of this bothers me to no end. Ignoring the fact that I love the calm, stable balance point that Ginny serves to Harry, I don’t like the dynamic of what Harry/Hermione would do the trio. 

Ron hated living in Harry’s shadow. Harry was the famous friend. Harry got all the attention. And what did Ron get? Ron got the hand-me-downs. I liked how just for once the one girl in the group didn’t fall for the main guy. Ron’s not the most intelligent of wizards, and yet the brightest witch of her age decided that she wanted him anyway and long story short don’t touch me



does my messy hair and the dark circles under my eyes in combination with an oversized shirt and slutty underwear turn you on


great going “dick smith”

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